Thursday, July 18, 2013

NYU. The only school I want to get into. Need to get into. Just thinking I will never make it in New York is a thought that can never pass my mind. I don't know what I want to go for, though. Art? What in art, though? Painting? I can never hold a paintbrush straight without smudging anything with my hand, but I love it anyways. Drawing? I have my own style of drawing. Anime meets Cartoon meets real life. I don't think it would be college material, though. Music? I love singing. I live by singing. I use singing when I need to get out of the hate in the real world. When did people start hating everyone for being something different then what one may be used to. Acting? I am ok but I can be mediocre, I guess. Maybe someday I will be able to become a musician/artist/actor and while I am at it I can create a major for my undergraduate classes that lets me do all of that. Then maybe I may be able to go to a graduate school and hopefully by then I will officially decide. I think I am running out of time to know. But I guess I can go off to New York to see how it is next year. I am planning on going to all 33 states I have been to before because I want to live. I am stuck in this boring town. But I am saving the road trip story for another day, another blog. I am looking forward to seeing you next time. Have a nice [fill in time of day].
 Yours truly,
Kat (0.0)_.